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How technology in the freight forwarding industry can benefit your business?

With the global pandemic, freight forwarders have been pushed to embrace automated technology and now are on the verge of growing in the industry using digitized services. Traditional methods that are used to analyze data are not capable of keeping up with today’s market fluctuations. Operational activities were mainly dependent on manual processes such as

Container freight rates will remain elevated throughout most of 2022 while the containerized logistics disruption persists

Supply chains all around the world have been disrupted to unparalleled levels, and container freight rates are at their highest. Due to the pandemic outbreak, there has been a surge in containerized consumer goods demand in the United States, causing congestion and reducing effective container logistics capacity. Freight forwarders in several places have been unable

The impact of Fuel prices hikes on the Logistics and Supply Chain Industry in 2022

During the pandemic roads were deserted roads, empty airports and disrupted supply chains. This resulted in a major drop in demand for fuel and result in oil prices dropping sharply. However, since then countries have found various ways to recover from the pandemic which has resulted in a surge in demand for fuel. However, there