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HTL Achievements

HTL has been commended for various achievements during the last 42 years of operations. We have pioneered and innovated many products in the freight forwarding industry including conceptualizing ‘Hanging Garments’ for Containers, sea/air & air/sea products which were designed to cater to the Apparel & Textile industry for which HTL specializes till date.

Apart from above products, HTL was the pioneering International freight forwarder to open own offices in Pakistan and Bangladesh and was only the 2nd to enter the Indian market. Currently we are the oldest international freight forwarder in operation in India with over 26 years of service. Led by the Chairman Mr.Reyaz Farook, HTL were the first to receive approval to issue HAWBs in India and the rest of the industry followed suit with us opening the door for the trade.

Apart from Apparel Industry, HTL was also instrumental in commencing perishable cargo movements such as Tuna fish to Japan, US & Europe. We were also pioneers of perishable movements into Pakistan from Sri Lanka.

Another significant area of success for HTL was chartering of over 50 aircraft’s 747 – 200 during the 1st Gulf war which is a difficult feat to achieve by any standard. We were also the 1st to bring in Cargolux 747 – 400 to Delhi and Chennai thus providing a much needed solution to the booming South Indian market.

A key area of expertise and specialization for the HTL Group is the pharmaceuticals. We have been service providers for leading pharma brands such as Dr.Reddy’s for over 15 years and offer state of the art technology such as OPTI COOLERS and HTL express (a customized solution for air consolidation with multiple pick-ups) which are unique.

IT Environment

It has always been in the heart of HTL Logistics to invest in the best, be it our people or our equipment. That means our customers can, and do, expect the best service available. Successful utilization of technology can be a critical. Our Industry leading approach to giving our customers complete transparency on all of their freight is a first in Logistics and is winning HTL Logistics significant new contracts. The infrastructure setup at HTL removes the need to run multiple, complex systems, and ensures that shipments are processed with speed and precision – from the initial quote and booking to customs clearance, transport, forwarding, warehousing and the final invoice being issued to the client.

HTL’s IT infrastructure consists of the latest technology through out the Asia-Pacific region. The e-mail
server, application server and the cargo tracking system, all with enhanced security , are located in a
centralized environment based in Australia, with backup services maintained in Singapore. The primary
communication within HTL is through phone and e-mail.

Electronic Data

Documents such as Airway bills, Purchase Orders, Invoices, Remittance Advices etc, are transmitted through EDI for various customers and agents as well as Inter-Company exchanges. In order to provide better facilities, customization has been carried out for major customers. All important documents are scanned and sent as attachments through the internet thereby eliminating the use of paper usage thus assisting the environment. At every stage of a shipment, completed tasks can automatically close and the system will then generate and distribute to external parties the relevant documentation and EDI, including transport documents, bills of lading, customs documents and more.

Web Applications

HTL’s investment in web applications provides easy access to shipment details, status, tracking and notifications through a click of a button. If a container is delayed, you are notified immediately and the appropriate messages can be triggered, keeping your customer informed and helping to reduce penalties and wasted charges along the way. By tracking your shipment through , visibility on the status of your shipment means you can proactively plan for your business and keep your customers informed, providing them greater customer service

Accounting Platform

Our secure, reliable, and custom-tailored cloud-based logistics execution platform also provides deeply integrated, enterprise-grade and accrual-based accounting capability within the platform, allowing HTL to handle both operational and non-operational accounting.

With its powerful and flexible accounting tools we can with multiple currencies and compliance functions, all supported through accounts receivable, accounts payable, cash books, job costing and the general ledger.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We take our Responsibilities seriously, whether it be towards our Customers, Employees, the Environment, or Social Welfare. Each of these aspects is driven by our Founder/ Chairman and strictly enforced by every Directors/ Head in all operative locations. HTL believes it possible for companies to practice good social responsibility without compromising investors demands for profitability. In other words, possessing a good moral compass is not impossible in today’s demanding global economy.



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