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Why Choose HTL Logistics?

Why Choose HTL Logistics?

7 good reasons why we are the right Freight Forwarding & Logistics partner for your business

Strong Management

Our top leadership who are the real visionaries with excellent business acumen and experience to drive the vision, mission and goals of HTL. They are the drivers of creativity and innovation.

Robust Network

We differentiate ourselves from the competition through our strategic alliances with partners across the globe building strong relationships and leveraging this robust global network.

Decades of Experience

Since its inception in 1978, HTL has come a long way forward growing every year and gaining the trust and loyalty of our customers worldwide. We are proudly serving more than 3500 customers worldwide.

Professional Workforce

At HTL our employees possess qualifications, responsibility, team spirit, and dedication, to which we owe our resilience and all the successes achieved in our long history. With our extensive expertise and experience, we are capable of providing the right assistance to our customers in an array of logistics services.

Financially Strong

Being self-funded for decades, and with revenues crossing US $65 Million, HTL has grown organically thereby gaining control of its own destiny and strategy.

Multiple Awards and Accreditations

HTL Logistics has been frequently honored with several Awards & Accolades over the years for its performance and achievements. With each goal achieved and every milestone reached, we recognize the collective efforts of our employees and partners.

Loyal Customer Count

Our vast array of services and support offered to clients has always bonded our trust and loyalty with them. We believe in building good relationships and providing great customer experience.