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Customs Brokerage and Clearence

Licensed for nearly 20 years

HTL is a licensed Customs House Broker (CHB) or Agent (CHA) in nearly all its own locations of operations, and have been in license for nearly 20 years.

The HTL Brokerage division is a full fledged team of over 100 well-trained staff and are competent in all local Regulations pertaining to most of the goods that are Imported and Exported to our countries of operation. We are able to leverage our relationships in the trade and obtain the most timely, cost-efficient solutions in some of the most congested of Ports & CFS environments.

Our Expertise

Some of the most regular Products we are competent in are

Used & New Machinery

Vehicle parts


Petroleum & Oil


Dangerous Cargo




Home Appliances


Military equipment

Used & New Machinery

Inbound and Outbound

Any type of sensitive project clearances

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We understand that providing accurate and timely information during the Customs Clearance process is critical to meeting Customer satisfaction and maintain a proven track record with some of the largest Local and Multi-National Companies in the region while adhering to strict SLA’s and delivery/ clearance schedules.