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Transport a 85 MT single piece machine

Client Profile

IM Gears, Chennai is a high precision manufacturer for global automotive, aerospace, hydraulics, and specialty application supply chains.


Transport a 85 MT single piece machine (including tools and spare parts) from the Chennai port to the client’s factory in Madurantagam, 80km away from Chennai port

The machine we were transporting had been shipped from Antwerp, Belgium. In order to transport it to the client’s factory, we arranged for an 8-axle low bed trailer. This presented a number of challenges.

1. The cargo was oversized in terms of height, weight, and length.
2. Neither the Chennai/Ennore or Kattupally ports had the capacity to lift a one-piece cargo above 50 MT.
3. The cargo was both expensive and sensitive to damage and needed to be in a direct vessel with no transhipment.
4. The cargo had to be cleared under EPCG license on an on-wheel basis with no more than a 24-hour waiting period at the port after discharging or we would be facing excessive demurrage charges.
5. The cargo had to be transported to the Madurantagam factory on a low 8-axle hydraulic puller cum trailer travelling at no more than 15kph.


After evaluating the situation, our team attended a berth meeting to review berth plans for ships waiting at the outer anchorage. Port dues and levies were settled with port authorities and special permission was secured from customs to receive the cargo directly. The trailer we had arranged was in the queue to enter the port well in time to receive the cargo. Members of our team were present to supervise and coordinate the operation and ensure there were no upsets. Port passes were granted for IM Gears’ representatives to visit and inspect the cargo at any time. Our team also arranged a road survey with the transporter to be alerted of any potential hindrances or delays during the final leg of the trip.


Our convenient, thorough, and timely process of transporting this valuable piece of machinery was highly appreciated by our client.