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Return a wrongly dispatched cargo to the shipper

Client Profile

Calderys is a subsidiary of Imerys, a world leader in mineral-based specialties for
industries ranging from process manufacturing to consumer goods.


Return a wrongly dispatched cargo (45 TEUs of refractories and machinery) to the shipper in Germany while sparing them a tedious and costly re-export process with customs.


This situation was unusual and the client was insistent on finding a cost-effective solution. We started by pursuing a carrier and POL agent to assist us by offloading the cargo unit at the transhipment point and returning it back to Germany. However, this was not possible as the carrier vessel was on a direct route to Nhava Sheva.

We then inquired if the carrier could Retain on Board (ROB) the cargo at Nhava Sheva and bring it back to Germany. The carrier was initially reluctant to do so due to operational constraints and an approval process needed from their planning and HO. However, they finally agreed to ROB the cargo but required that our client pay for Freight from Germany to NSA and from NSA to Germany along with shifting, handling, and restow charges.

This, our client happily agreed to, as it was a far lighter expense and swifter return process compared to customs process and charges.


Our joint solution with the carrier spared our client a theoretical amount of $1000 in customs, storage, and detention charges as well as tedious and time consuming re-export formalities. As a result, our customer was pleased with our solution.