Export a 22-ton shipment to Milan, Italy, on the most cost effective and reliable airline. | HTL
Export a 22-ton shipment to Milan, Italy, on the most cost effective and reliable airline.

Client Profile

SMS Group is a solutions provider for standard spare parts, repairs and modernization, technical support, warehousing, consignment stock, teleservice, training sessions, and electrical and automation.


Our client was looking for the most cost-effective rate for a reliable airline to pick up the cargo from their location in South India. Having considered all possible options, we managed to get the BIZEX from BOM. We also secured a reliable transporter to shift the cargo from the shipper’s factory to the BOM airport.

Our operation staff reported to the airport early to have the cargo gated into the airport in time. However, it was discovered by Saudi Arabian Airlines that the height of the cargo packaging exceeded the limit by 5cm. As a result, we were asked to ‘Back To Town’ the cargo and work with a different airline.

This not only meant an increase in weight and a delay in transport but also additional costing for the BTT process. Our operations staff promptly visited the airport hoping to avoid this situation. Upon examining the cargo, they found a considerable amount of unused space between the cargo and the top of the packaging. With consent from the shipper, we opted to cut 5cm off the top of the packaging to make it acceptable for the airline. As there were 5 packages, we arranged for five laborers to be permitted into the airport’s cargo complex to work on the packages.

The work was completed in a few hours and the cargo was repackaged and handed to the airline in time.


We successfully exported the cargo on time having incurred only minor expenses with the packaging issue. The client was pleased with the overall result.