IT Environment

The Company’s IT infrastructure consists of the latest technology through out the Asia-Pacific region. The e-mail server, application server and the cargo tracking system are located in a centralized environment based in Australia, with backup services maintained in Singapore.

The primary communication within HTL is through e-mail.

Electronic Data

Documents such as /airway bills, Purchase Orders, Invoices, Remittance Advices etc, are transmitted through EDI for various customers and agents as well as Inter-Company exchanges. In order to provide better facilities, customization has been carried out for major customers. All important documents are scanned and sent as attachments through the internet thereby eliminating the use of paper usage thus assisting the environment. The system will generate a bar code for all Way-bills. Thereafter information could be retrieved using a bar code reader. This provides an error free environment.

Web Applications

The Complete details of all shipments are maintained in a central server. Each customer will be given a User ID and a Password to access shipment details, shipment status, tracking, notifications etc. thereby avoiding the usual hassle of calling, misinformation etc. The tracking can be done through