What we do

As an IATA Forwarder ,we had the knowledge and experience to handle Cargo aircraft since 1980’s as we have handled Flying Tigers( Federal Express) in the regional level. Therefore, our client portfolio of the International airlines are significant to hold the GSA in the region. Our Clients of the airlines whom could carrier cargo even in interline basis as Sri Lankan airlines, Qatar Airways, Ethihad Airways, Royal Jordian Airlines, Emirates airlines, Singapore airlines, Cathay Pacific Airlines, Jet Airways, Air India Etc.


Mission Statement

Safety, security, attractive rates to the market and consistent delivery of the basics are the foundation of everything we do Through our Airlines Strategy of G.S.A
The success of our strategy requires us to build on these foundations by focusing on the business and New markets and driving efficiency and effectiveness.


Vision Statement

Raven Aviation pvt Ltd is built on the PHILOSOPHY of total service, with the concept geared to a flow of goods from Origin to destination, delivering cargo with speed, reliability and security.
Customers are been informed the full update of cargo. Once the task is concluded the ultimate result would be to gained handsome revenue for the Airline. Further , Introduction of the Airline charter broker is an added value for our customer base.

Air Transport Industry

Air Transport Industry is one of the world’s most important services. Its development and its technical and service achievements place air transport as one of the greatest contributors to the advancement of modern society.
Since the first jet airliner flew in 1949, use of commercial aviation has grown seventy – fold. This growth is unmatched by any other major form of transport.. Air Transport is essential to economics progress, In an increasingly global communication and market place, air Transport makes possible the rapid movement of millions of people and billions of dollars worth of goods to market places around the world.

Awards and achievements for HTL Logistics Pvt Ltd in the region:


Colombo, Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan 2004 Silver award for sales
Sri Lankan 2005 Bronze award for sales
PIA 2005/2006 Gold award for outstanding cargo revenue performance.

Delhi, India

Air Asiana 2001 Outstanding performance
Air Asiana 2002 Outstanding performance
China Airlines 2002 Top Sales Award
Air Asiana 2003 Outstanding performance
Cathay Pacific 2003 Outstanding performance
Air India 2005 Top Sales Awards
Cathay Pacific 2005 Outstanding performance
Continental 2006 Outstanding performance
Cathay Pacific 2006 Outstanding performance
Cathay Pacific 2007 Outstanding performance
* Presently Lufthansa is in Top 10 Awards.

Chennai, India

Saudi Arabian Airlines 2001 Outstanding performance
Saudi Arabian Airlines 2003 Outstanding performance
Gulf Air 2004 Outstanding performance
Kuwait Airways 2007 Outstanding performance
Kuwait Airways 2008 Outstanding performance
Cathay Pacific 2007 Outstanding performance
Cathay Pacific 2008 Outstanding performance

Dhaka , Bangladesh

Singapore Airlines 2005 Top Sales Awards
Singapore Airlines 2006 Top Sales Awards
Qatar Airways 2010 Sales Award
Cathay Pacific/ Dragon Air 2010 Sales Award



Mr. Dinesh Chandrasekera
Director, India
HTL Logistics

T : + 91 98 1811 2401
F : + 91 124 2578610 – 611
M : + 91 98 1107 3376
E : dinesh@htllogistics.com