Corporate Social Responsibility

We take our Responsibilities seriously, whether it be towards our Customer, Employee, the Environment, or Social Welfare. Each of these aspects is driven by our Founder/ Chairman and strictly enforced by every Director/ Head in all operative locations.

HTL believes it possible for companies to practice good social responsibility without compromising investor demands for profitability. In other words, having a good moral compass is not impossible in today’s demanding global economy.


Investing in Local Economies

HTL has contributed in varied ways to the local economy. Besides providing jobs, we have supported local schools, sponsor local activities that benefit the youth of the area, and can be counted upon to support worthwhile benefits for local and regional organizations.

We can also be counted upon for disaster relief when the unexpected occurs. We are often able to assist on a larger scale than many local businesses in worthwhile projects, and set an excellent example of good corporate responsibility.

But just as the notion of ownership has broadened from the consideration of the return to “shareholders” to consideration of all “stakeholders,” we are becoming more aware of the human element in our communities that our company represents.

Besides our shareholders, we have placed greater importance on our Stakeholders, including the board of directors who create and set policy, executives who are responsible for carrying out the policy, managers who direct and workers who implement the activities which produce the goals.


Programs to Aid the Underprivileged

In the urban areas of India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Pakistan, everyone is aware of the annual Ramadan Dinners served to the poor in almost every community where we have offices. Besides the thousands of free meals provided by us, we also are quite active in fund raising for children’s hospitals, education/ sponsorships for children in orphanages, medical assistance for those without the means to obtain critical health care, and other worthwhile causes. Every local community benefits from our dedicated policy of local involvement within the community.


Ethical Labor Policies

HTL supports ethical labor practices by refusing to distribute goods manufactured in “sweat shops”, or manufactured with potentially dangerous materials, and other harmful products like Alchohol and Tobacco. Besides enforcing fair labor practices, we are also at the forefront of demanding high quality and safe products for consumption.


Green Policies

This is far from universal, but great social responsibility is demonstrated by HTL in employing environmentally friendly technology in attempts to help preserve our environment. Third world manufacturers who continue their polluting ways demonstrate their total lack of concern for social responsibility. By refusing to deal with polluting manufacturers, we set a great example of exhibiting good social responsibility.


Fair Trade Policies

The area of enforcing fair trade practices is another area that demonstrates a good corporate moral compass. HTL resists the temptation to gouge the general public with unnecessarily high prices for items that are essential to life itself. Ethical pricing practices represents a great opportunity for any corporation to demonstrate their concern for the social welfare of their trade areas.